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Customer Reviews

"Belt-Eze is a dream.  It is so great not to have the seat belt pressing against you.  It eases the stress of the belt and provides for easy movement.  It is nice to see a quality product made in USA."   Thomas

“Because of cancer treatment, I have had a port placed on my left side below my shoulder.  The contact of a seatbelt strap on this port area was causing discomfort, and so I was in the habit of putting the strap below my arm or behind my back. (this is obviously less than ideal.) I have found Belt-Eze to be a great solution to this problem.  It is easy to install, it keeps the belt off of the sensitive area, it doesn’t get in the way of other drivers using my car, and is a much safer way to travel.  I really appreciate this product.”   Bill

"I have enjoyed your product for many years."   Jacqueline

“Fourteen years after breast cancer surgery, I still struggle with tenderness and nerve pain.  Belt-Eze has completely eliminated the discomfort from seat belt pressure while keeping me safe.  I no longer need to constantly pull on the strap or slip it behind my shoulder!”   Susan

"My car was recently in the shop and I was absolutely miserable without my Belt-Eze. I am so glad to have my car and Belt-Eze back."  Kae

"I had a pacemaker inserted about three months ago, and found the seat belt to be very irritating and added pressure on the pacemaker.  Your Belt-Eze device has proven to be an excellent design, and positions the seat belt in a very comfortable way. I would recommend it to everyone." Judd

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